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Last online 5 months ago
where are ALL the girls atttt nyan :3

- I've come to realize life is hard and it sucks. Just gotta deal with it. - I smile almost all the time.. even when I'm sad. - I wear my heart on a sleeve so when I fall, I fall hard and when I love... I love completely. - My life mottos are "Choice not chance determines destiny", "It is what it is" & "Expect the worst but hope for the best" - I've seen and been through a lot.. and I refuse to let it dictate my life. - I have the bestest friends that you can only wish to have. - I have an addiction to ramen, ramune, all KH series, white rice, dubstep & anime - I love dancing and I'm damn good at it. Trust me - I'm real, blunt, down to earth and a little too straight forward. Some people take it personal and think I'm "mean" no i just say it how it is "get over it" - I will always be there for the ones that are worthy. - I love jpop/jrock, kpop/krock, DUBSTEP, techno, n electro (what is my ) LIFE right now, recently watched Excision and it completely changed everything for me ), DNB, Trance, Techno, House, Reggae.. JUST to name a few. - I enjoy bringing laughter and smiles to all that I care about. With me you will be laughing a lot. - I am one of the sweetest guys you will ever meet. - I love to cook but more importantly I love to eat. - I always forgive too easily but I never forget. - I'm not a quitter until it becomes the only option. - I over think and over analyze every situation. - Prove to me you're not worthy.. you will never hear from me again. - I will sing loud and proud even though I can't sing to save my life. - I bust moves even when there is no music playing for absolutely no reason. - I'm loyal as ****. - I swear and troll too much. - I'm a boy whos an otaku and I bring it everywhere I go. - I am me. Either love me or leave me alone. Regardless I don't give a **** =]

My Nintendo 3ds friend code is 461400496158

Question is.. can you handle it & get on my level?

I play Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2, Naruto, Bleach, Pokemon, Dissidia, Final Fantasy, L4D1/2, Assassin's Creed, League of legends, Pokemon, YUGIOH, Kingdom Hearts, Call of Duty: Black Ops, BLaz Blue, MVC3, Uncharted 1/2/3, God of war 1/2/3, Resident Evil all series, Jak and daxter collection, Halo, Megaman, Devil may cry, destiny, super smash bros,one piece, tower fall,