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20 year old Female
Last online 11 months ago
My name is alex im from France and im here looking for love and friends

Please do not post on my wall

Whenever I change my preference im just trying to meet guys and girls so it’s equal c: (i am bi)

Anyone can dm me male or female

(WARNING: im mostly active on discord :3 frenchie ♡#0016

I can erp or just rp with you if that’s what you want to do

Erp and rp info is down below after what i say im looking for

Im looking for someone loving and caring and also patient I really just want to be happy and excited whenever you message me and the same for whenever im messaging whoever back
Right now im kind of just wanting a online relationship but maybe I could meet that person later on.

Erp and rp info:

Description sheet:
✰ Name: eva
✰ Nickname: ocean
✰ Age: 20
✰ Race: human
✰ ethnicity: french
✰ Gender: female
✰ Sexuality: bi
✰ Role : submissive
✰ Height: 4’9
✰ Weight: 109 lbs
✰ Build: curvy and thin with large breasts
✰ Hair Style: long and straight
✰ Hair Color: black (sometimes dyed)
✰ Eye Color: Light blue (sometime changes)
✰ Nationality: french
✰ Tattoos: none
✰ Body Markings, Scars: none
✰ Family: mother and father
✰ Clothes: large hoodie with leggings, cute blue dress (sometimes is completely different)

♡ Erp information♡
Pussy color: pink
✰ Stretch: 4 fingers
✰ Sexual Weakness: easley
✰ Kinks: playfully choked during sex,force,being tied up
✰ Limits: Bathroom play, vore, gore, scat,bdsm,incest
And gender binding

✰Personality: kind, sweet, and shy, stubborn
✰Likes: reading book, cuddling, and sleeping
✰ Hobbies: dancing and painting
✰ Dislikes: hateful people, having water splashed on me while i sleep

(Preference photo will be shown in dm)