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Jun 05, 21 at 7:05am

An relate.

Jun 04, 21 at 8:30pm

One of the reasons why I distance myself from family members. Since they are extremely hard to please.


Sometimes being nice is hard. You are forced to be soft with someone no matter what friends or family will critique them or the fact you are vulnerable for anyone to use you. With how I’ve been manipulated too many times in life, past of me wants to say “fuck it” and just be the grumpy guy no one wants to be around. Well hey, I’d gladly go that route if it gets all the manipulative people out of my life.

Jun 03, 21 at 9:55am

@verucassault yeah true. Although i really wish i had more time for myself and find more people in my life other than being stuck behind a screen and crunching down numbers for a corp.

Jun 03, 21 at 9:42am

Every time I see @hell_hound7 and @yaasshat having a spat.

@hypermuteki213 That's the unfortunate part of getting older but don't feel pressured into doing something just because everyone else is though, especially if it's not something you're ready for (having kids and what not).

Jun 03, 21 at 9:17am

Try nodame cantabile. Its a nice romcom about music.


I NEED ROMCOM NOT ACTION ;W; (i do wanna rewatch yuyu though, i remember next to nothing about it but i do remember some cute romance parts)