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hajinj99 @hajinj99 left a comment for haru1610
Nov 12, 22 at 7:17am
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Im glad you're stocking to the list and if you need to cry then cry lol. Its all human :P plus stress happens so all good. Im sure youll be fine, heck maybe some handsome dude or attractove womem will hit on you and youll get a date, never know! My weekends been chill so far, recovered from a somilar hangover feelong and just ate a buncha food sp im in good spirits ^/^. How about yours though?
I somewhat understand because I moved from Florida which I spent 18 years in to to Georgia it's not a big time difference or anything huge like that but the people are a lot nicer here. Ots scary but take a few deep.breaths and make a list of things you want to achieve either for fun or just to get done. Go out and talk to people with similar hobbies and youll do fine i velieve in ya. If you wanna vent feel free to talk to me