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30 year old Male
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New to this. I don't kmoe what I'm doing. Just wanted to make a couple friends who don't look at me like a moron when I ramble about Manga I like. I am aware this doubles as a dating site as well. That's fine too I guess if get lucky find a fellow Otaku gf. But I kinda feel even more alone since joining and browsing through the site. Is it dead or do people just use it as a dating site. Find someone then leave?
Cutting ties @theghoulieleader Both. It's more. A forum posting and lurking site.
I find things to like about each I mean I like a lot of the songs and unfortunately do admit I liked project diva a lot lol Miku is an obvious popular one but if I had to choose just one to be my favorite it would be Luka. I love her music, her voice, everything.
I agree I felt the same way. and they went with what I call the bad ending. I went through the grueling process of trying my best to get the ending where yuka doesn't go through that fate. but it was still well done for a short anime. but we always got the manga and the killer games to scratch the itch the anime didn't. but anything is better than the movie...jesus what a mess.