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Gyse (Jason)

28 year old Male
Last online 2 days ago
Detroit, MI
What can I say? This dating site is a drag. Hopefully I'll find someone who'll make it less of one.

I'll keep this as simple and clean as I possible can. Im a down-to-earth, easy going, laughably sarcastic guy. Some would say Im very corny. Others would say Im funny. A lot say Im too nice but I dont think that's possible....is it? I dont know if Im anything other than Jason tbh lol. Ive been called an "old soul" and a goofy gentleman. Feel free to call me whatever you will, Im not easily offended. Im a demisexual guy (tl;dr: I dont get physically attracted UNTIL I get to know you aka I look with my heart) so if that intimidates you go ahead and swipe. I'll understand :) If for any reason you like me because Im a "black" guy know that I have zero pride tied to my skin color and I never really cared about my heritage. If that offends you (and believe me it does for many) swipe left. I apologize :) Im a romantic looking for true love and outside looks probably only account for %2 of ****'s I give. I love and care deeply for those close to my heart and treat EVERYONE, even my enemies, with respect. I know how to treat a girl as long as she has a Netflix account...ok I'll stop.

About me personally- Im VERY passionate about art and music. My life is a little bit of both playing guitar and sketching on my tablet. Also Im VERY big into video games, even stream em sometimes. I have big dreams tied to my talents so they are of course as important as you might think. Im mostly nerdy about my mediums (video games, anime/manga, heavy metal music, movies, tv, shows, and etc) and will awkwardly talk you're ear off about them BUT in return I often find it more interesting to learn more about my significant other's ideals, dreams, talents, etc. I find humor in literally everything, what level of humor is for you to judge. And thats mostly about it.

What Im looking for is a woman who I can love to death. Possibly someone I can hold close and never let go (figuratively, Im not clingy lol). Maybe someone with a bubbly energetic personality or whatever. Definitely a woman with good morals, a sweet heart, and positive outlook on life.
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