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31 year old Male
Last online almost 5 years ago
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ロイ @wallace614 left a comment for fromtheashes
Feb 23, 15 at 12:11am

Well its good to hear you are managing ok and you are back here

ロイ @wallace614 left a comment for fromtheashes
Feb 22, 15 at 11:56pm

Did you also go back to tiny chat?

ロイ @wallace614 left a comment for fromtheashes
Feb 22, 15 at 12:32pm

Dude what happened to you, you go MIA and then come back all of the sudden
Nonetheless I'm glad


OMG. I actually posted a comment on the forum. XD I rarely come on here anymore. What's up everyone? XD

May 13, 14 at 11:09pm

Rise Phoenix!

ロイ @wallace614 left a comment for fromtheashes
May 12, 14 at 3:38am

Man where you been ? Tiny chat isn't the same without you.
Hope your doing excellent though, bye.

Jan 16, 14 at 6:16pm

I can't remember what was on the cd since it was so long ago lol.
Yeah that would be sick! I never really get to play music with anyone since I don't have many musician friends :/.
I go on lastfm a few times a week but I usually just find bands on there and listen to them on youtube so my library isn't very accurate. my account is dallaszenajones

Jan 15, 14 at 9:46am

I'm only average at guitar and kind of mediocre on keyboard(I can play with both hands though). I took lessons for guitar when I was 14 and I can play quite a few songs but I haven't played much lately. I can play a few Pixies songs and a handful of Dinosaur jr and other songs I can't remember.As for keyboard I am totally self taught, I had a small one when I was a kid and figured out how to play the Lost Woods theme from OoT and ever since I have been learning mostly video game songs by ear or synthesia videos on youtube. They are great for practicing!

Sunny Day Real Estate was one of the first 'real' emo bands i ever listened to and they are forever one of my favorite bands. Weirdly enough my parents listen to a lot of good music and I get a lot of my music from them. My mom had an old mix cd of emo music from the 90s and that's what lead to me listening to all the bands I listen to today. do you have a Last.fm account?

sorry I wrote an entire essay -_-

Jan 14, 14 at 8:29am

I play guitar and keyboard. that's so awesome that you like 90s emo because whenever I mention emo people just think mcr or something.I listen to a lot of bands from the 80s and 90s actually.
I liked Cowboy Bebop but not as much as I like Trigun

Jan 13, 14 at 9:17pm

haha that is a hard question. i play a few instruments and I listen to a crap ton of music from all different genres. mainly I listen punk and punk influenced music but I seriously listen to just about everything. my favorite anime is Trigun and I'm planning on getting my first tattoo soon which will be a reference to it.

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