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Last online 3 days ago
Drummondville, Canada
I mostly like playing video games and wathcing animu (mostly sub!) but sometimes I also write cool stories or event that just happened: I write with my heart.
Heres my list of all the anime I watched so far: https://www.anime-planet.com/users/foxywhite/anime
hopefully looking for someone that would like to watch some animu with me and like the same style.
(mostly actions/adventure, comedy, some romance and just screw reality rules like gravity and fall damage)
speak french and English.
I also love those anime with Kemonomimi in it, they are the best :3
If am not answering any calls, contact me on discord: foxywhite#2764 or email: zakdenommee@hotmail.com
Note: I also play and love Dungeon and dragon (currently dm-ing a bard only game and part of another one)