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Last online over 3 years ago
I am very "special" person from Germany. I'm one of those who can still laugh at funny things, including myself. I wonder, why seemingly nobody understands the meaning of F.U.N anymore.
In my free time i'm a LARPer ( Live Action Roleplay ). LARPer are those idiots who dress up to match the theme of an event, most of the time medieval fantasy, and do roleplay like in one the ten million videogames. Besides that i started Cosplaying two or three years ago and i'm still not getting better at it. If i somehow manage to upload another picture you will see my first cosplay i built - You will regret it ; )
Now you will understand why i am such a "special" one, but from time to time even i am doing normal things, like sleeping or eating. Not that often, but hey - i've got other hobbies.