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22 year old Male
Last online 3 minutes ago
All I do, I do for you, France
Shitass is indeed, not relevant anymore.

Certified lover of Lord Dio.

I'm the sexy French druglord, Curly! Batshit crazy one, that.

Perhaps a bit obsessive, as well.

"Ongo and Bongo fought the nine Egyptian gods and won." - Google Translate 2024

I don't even know

Why are you even reading this? No one reads these.

Well, since you're here, and there's likely nothing I can do to make you not here at this point... Wanna hear something funny? So, there's this scientist, and he turns himself into a pickle. He's called "Pickle Rick". Funniest shit I've ever seen.

Your next line is "This Frenchie actually thinks that shit's still funny"
I do indeed, still believe it funny.

Random disclaimer: I am quite obsessed with Poison. It's in my fantasies, to my way of life, to even my gaming playstyles. The perfect... Poison. It's just beautiful, isn't it? Nearly everything's at least a bit toxic in some way, shape or form.

That said, I would definitely, like actually sensually fuck a Grimer or Muk. If you can't vibe with that... No offense, but you've more than likely come to wrong place searching for a friend. Heh. I'm not your type.

Also, whoever invented tapioca is a damn bastard.

Also I'm a damn simp.

Also, I hate Boston Terriers. They piss me off.

Also, some advice from your goofy simp pal. When you live to serve. All will be yours. Life isn't about being on top, it's about finding where you belong in the pyramid scheme.

That is all.