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21 year old Male
Last online 5 minutes ago
Eus, France

Tsugi ni omae wa? "Why do you put so much into your bio?" To iu!
Answer: I dislike to be introvert.

Greetings, Friend. It is in good fate that we meet here! As if the Gods smile upon us so the sun may shine, as the ground itself quakes at our passing in this Glorious day!

I suspect you wish to know about me, that is the proper writing for a biography, no?

This is at number one because it is what we already know.
I am a JoJo fanatic. Anything JoJo, or JoJo related is at my disposal for you, my honored guest. And do beware. If you are not a JoJo fanatic like me, just know I will talk about JoJo ALL DAY. If you give me that opportunity, anyways.

I guess that's why I'm here. I'm in dire need of fellow JoJo brainrots.

The next most important thing. I may be a homesick fool sometimes. France is my homeland, yet I live horribly in the US. Everyday I long for home. To live a quiet life in my homeland, to re-visit my childhood, perhaps. I have been working my ass off so I could go back soon.

I can speak Irish, and French, little bit of Russian. English isn't a valid language.

Next I must say I am quite charming, and quite the treasure to have in your arsenal of friends.
I'm a mix of everything you want, and everything you don't want. A Jack of all trades, I am. Whether in hobbies, personality, physical appearance, mental capacity... I have it all in a well rounded ball of Good and Bad.

My Goal in life: I want to be a man who answers questions without answers, I want to be a man who knows the unknown. Best way to do this... Be a Marine Biologist, and an Author as a side hobby. I already have some stories. If you want to read them, feel free to ask about it personally.

Now the part some of you came to see. Relationships are a bother, really. Still, do try your luck. See if you can impress me even a little. Heh.

As you could gather from above, I am a narcissist. I tend to believe that I stand at the apex of the world, sometimes of heaven itself. I also believe that I am well beyond capable of reaching those heights, should I feel the need to bother myself with the dung of humanity.

Next, as I said I am a Jack of All Trades. I am open to any conversations although I don't usually answer direct messages, I prefer to be where I can be seen and heard.

I do tend to be quite rude sometimes, I proudly accept that, the world needs more negativity, despite what people say. It's balance.

As I'm sure you could gather so far, I hate roleplay, I hate boring replies. If you have to ask what a boring reply is, you probably are a boring person. I hate all this cutesy cuddly sort. Good grief. Keep your hands to yourself.

Just as forgetful as I am brilliant, I forgot what else I had in here before I changed it. LOL

Good Grief, I swore I had everything in memory... Oh well in due time it may return.

"Imaginez quelque chose d'inspirant ici" - Moi, 2020-2021

"Je suis le seul juge de mon avenir" - Moi, 2021-2022

"Maudit peuple britannique. Inutile." Moi, 2022-2023

"Cette année, ma vie se met en place." Moi, 2023-