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25 year old Female
Last online over 8 years ago
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CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Oct 03, 11 at 4:16am

its otay ^^ study and work hard! gambatte Fear-chan! (^_^)/
well if you already seen 21 then you might have already seen part of how the anime's gonna end. it ends with ep25 btw. i recommend you reading the manga if you havent already. if you think about how the manga flows as opposed to the anime, the anime doesnt flow very well. another tragedy of an over zealous animation company... sigh...
i wont be on MSN till thursday =( going some where for a few days
Gaara's not gonna die, theres no hint of that at all from the latest chapter. he's fighting the former Tsuchikage and its not going well but Gaara's not gonna die =p

CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Oct 02, 11 at 1:57pm

Hey Fear-chan,
havent talked to you in ages!! how are you and hows school?? you're never on msn =(
so much i want to talk to you bout Ao no Exorcist >_<

ShadowRose left a comment for FearChan
Sep 27, 11 at 3:14am

Meine Lieblingsanimes sind:
1. Kurioshitsuji (1+2)
2. Vampire Knight (1 + Guility)
Meine aktueller Lieblings-On-Going-Anime:
- Naruto Shippuuden

Was Ao no exorcist betrifft, so überlege ich noch, ob ich ihn mir ansehe oder nicht.

Und wie sieht es bei dir aus?
Und wo aus Deutschland kommst du her?

ShadowRose left a comment for FearChan
Sep 26, 11 at 3:21am

Hi FearChan,

unser Matching Ergebnis hat mich auf deine Seite geführt und da ich dein Bild süß fand, dachte ich, dass ich dir einfach einmal schreibe. Würde mich freuen etwas von dir zu hören.

CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Sep 18, 11 at 7:18am

sorry i havent been able to respond in a while. maiotaku changed some of their security settings and i wasnt able to access their site at all =/
but yea we could chat on MSN some time. I think my msn user name is
sorry to hear bout philosophy lol its a tough subject but it helps with critical thinking and logical reasoning ^^

CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Sep 08, 11 at 7:29pm

well hullo there ;p
lol yea i kinda figured you were indisposed cause of school or something else. but its good to hear from you again. i missed talking to you.
im ok. just hanging in there. how are you? hows school so far?

CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Aug 23, 11 at 10:16pm

yea wouldnt it? XD cause true heroes dont fight for justice for fame or fortune. they do it because its the right thing ^^
lol yea going from a small school to a bigger school is quite a shock. tho its a good thing you got used to this experience before you got to Uni because Uni usually are way bigger with a lot more people. My Uni had about 24,000 students.
ahhh i see. i know what you mean. im not very close with my family either ;p i also get bored at family events so i no longer go XD lol one nice thing bout being an adult. you can make your own decisions. thats a pretty nice family ^^ is your sister younger or older? whats the name of your dog, kitty, rabbits and guinea pig (wow you have a lot of pets LOL).
LOLOLOLOL so if you had a laptop i guess home is where ever you carry it then =p.
ooooo nice. i wish you the best of luck when you apply for universities!
thats a pretty awesome dream! its definitely a kool job for a year or two but is definitely not a permanent job to have. I have a few friends who are currently teaching english over in Japan and if they can, they'll try to keep you there for years but the pay isnt that great and its not something you want to make a career of. but its def a good experience. ooooo computer programing. really interesting but also really tedious lol staring at thousands and thousands of lines of coding is definitely interesting. Check out a class like C++ and see if you like it before you commit to it XD
lol sounds like you need to exercise more =p but i know what you mean by being lazy XD i need to start exercising more too =/
you never been to England??? but its just across the English Channel! all the countries over there are so close over there. maybe once you graduated you can travel around Europe or America XD if you like english so much maybe you should go to Uni in an English speaking country.
Oh we felt a minor tremors in NYC today from an earthquake near Washington, DC.

CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Aug 21, 11 at 11:15pm

thats not bad for a high school. my school was about the same size. the largest school that i know of has about 10,000. lol canteen or cafeteria. cafeteria is what we usually call it here in the states. but we mostly go to public school. is your school public or private?
baww thats actually kinda sad... everyone has a "home" where they should be able to go back to... like New york city will always be my home <3 its where i was born and grew up. even when i move away to another city or country, nyc will always be home to me =)
im sure you have a "home" some where.
when do you apply for univeristies?
lol cheater! taking german while being german ;p
lol yea... a lot of anime sites are in english... and fansubbed stuff...
i really love math too XD tho i hate calculus =/
lol you have problem with french while living in france??? XD talk about irony. philosophy isnt everyone's forte but sports? lol cant be that tought.
heh that doesnt sound too bad =p the air must be really nice and clean. but i can see what you mean by boring...
have you ever been to new york?
lol i wouldnt mind a big city setting either. i think that would be exciting. I'd have a magical katana and be able to cast spells and fight off monsters and demons that would threaten the city. but all this would be in secrecy and no one would know my identity :D

CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Aug 21, 11 at 1:19am

lol thats still quite a bit of money. so your dad has to move where the company puts him. that sux =( i bet you miss home. once you graduate, are you gonna move home without your dad?
lol the sentence was a bit awkward but its ok, i cant speak/write german or french so... you still up 2 =p so you have to get on a line to get food. is your school that big? you need to run faster lol
i have no idea where Strasbourg is lol is it nice there?
yay for finishing hw ^^
lol yea there are teachers who give homework just to torture students but they usually mean well >_>
lol how do you not care bout grades and are still one of the best students in your class? O_o
well thats pretty awesome to hear you're lazy but still do well. I used to fall asleep in class a lot when i was in high school and i still got good grades XD
yea... we never get to do what we want... even after you graduate from school =(
sleeping is amazing by the way. one of my favorite past times XP
yea i know right???? i always wish my life was an anime and have special powers or something!! life's so boring >_<
if you were an anime character, what kind of setting would it be? and would you have a special power or ability?
lol yea i live in new york and it is exciting... but everything's so expensive and everything cost money to do. and it can also be dangerous a lot of the times. =/
it is very loud too but you get used to it after living here long enough. I bet your village is nice and peaceful with no crime =)

CaiserZero left a comment for FearChan
Aug 19, 11 at 11:26pm

NEW CHAPTER OF NARUTO THIS WEEK, SOOOOOO GOOOOOOOOOOOOOD >_< so was one piece and bleach. WSJ really went all out this week to make up for last week. :D
wow two houses? lol you must be pretty rich or at least your dad is. if he has two houses then clearly hes doing the smart thing. thats pretty awesome. so you must know at least three languages. i must say, your english is pretty good. But i can tell its British English. LOL France cant be THAT bad ;p are you going to Uni in Germany? btw where in france are you currently? only been to Paris =/
And for Germany, only been to Munchen.
wow... why do you guys have to wait 30 mins for food? isnt it already cooked by the time you guys have your lunch break?
yay for less hours! ^^ more time for otaku stuuuuf X3
yea... i hear ya on the part bout homework. one of the best thing bout Uni... LESS HOMEWORK! XDDD tho you get long papers and stuff to do =/ bad FearChan! do your hw! XD how are you gonna keep your grades up? ;p
wow, you saw all 24 episodes in one day? lol wow praise to ya! heh heh isnt anime addiction fun? its kinda like madness from soul eater XD I'll check out Durarara when my other laptop comes back. the one im using cant really watch streamed anime well =(