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29 year old Male
Last online over 8 years ago
Northridge, CA
Hey, Im a 19 year old 5'11, full Japanese male. I'm currently attending my first year in college. I absolutely LOVE anime and manga. I have read and watched hundreds of them. I love to kick back with a good manga or anime and just relax. As far as cosplayed goes, I am still new to it. I am currently planning on going to anime expo 2014 as Incursio from Akame ga Kiru. I can't really chose a favorite anime or manga because there are too many to chose from. I love music and hanging out with my friends in my spare time. I also love playing video games. To date I have never been in a relationship but I wanna find that one person I can be myself with. Someone who likes me for being me. Someone who knows how I am and is understanding. Yes, I'm a bit of a romantic but that's just who I am and I'm not going to change.
Jul 3-6