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27 year old Male
Last online about 6 years ago
Hello ^.^ My name's Corey. I love Manga more than anything in the world. Yes, even Anime. Though Anime is #2! I'm a Freshman in College and I'm majoring in Japanese. Or should I say "Senkou wa Nihongo desu." I'm working towards my goal of being a successful Mangaka. I want to live in Japan more than anything in 5 or less years. Right now I'm just writing Manga but soon I'll be learning how to draw more detailed and by the time I move to Japan be able to do decent Artwork :P I want to get hired as a Translator once I become fluent and once I make enough money travel around the world for one year in my late 30s ;) Party on every Continent and experience a lot of different Cultures! Aside from my goal, I watch a lot of Anime and read a lot of Manga. But I spend most of my time Writing or thinking of new ideas for my Manga. Www.Wardealth.Deviantart.com if you're curious or like Manga-styled Art ^.^
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