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kirenisia @kirenisia left a comment for fadingxstar
Jun 05, 15 at 9:16pm

Sure I'd be more than happy to

Welcome to the NHK relates to everyday problems people suffer with for example Social Anxiety, Depression, desperation, learning to be self officiant and overall moving on in life. The series is about Sato a neet who dropped out of college and has been living in his apartment for 4 years roughly hardly setting a foot outside! then one day a girl appears at his door with her religious grandmother handing out pamphlets about neets this girl quickly catches on what he is and sets up a contract to start counseling in order to help him with is disorder.

However he questions often why is she helping him? as the story progresses with small hints here and there you find out why. However on the side you watch trouble he gets himself into sometimes good for his development and other times not so good.. he discovers his prior club member from high-school lives next door and they work on creating a hentai game for comic market and winter con.

Overall I really love this Anime because I can relate to the characters so much and some dark themes! I also quite enjoy the dark humor that is used in this series. While the art is a bit off at times the obscure art can give it a humorous almost charm to it at times.

Sato: The lazy , Neet always over thinking things with paranoia who discovers the internet, Hentai, Online gaming and other things
Yamazaki: The short tempered , Otaku with passion for anime , video games, collecting , Hentai Games. programing and overall just wants a cute girlfriend
Satomi: Suffering from depression, paranoia and overall just wants to be happy
Misaki: ??? I can't say much about her or else it'll be a HUGE spoiler for the anime

and various other side characters :D

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Jun 02, 15 at 7:46pm
This account has been suspended.
Day @fallblue left a comment for fadingxstar
Jun 02, 15 at 5:53pm

hi hi :)


Feeling lonely <.<


I haven't been on in a while. I'm here, i'm alive >.>


Going through life without a cat it risky business dont'cha know!