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35 year old Male
Last online over 3 years ago
Tokyo, Japan
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Hi, how are you? :3

Jan 29, 15 at 4:43pm

sorry about the late replay I have been playing on re 6 mercnines mode, it is an defo fun game to up.
oh, is there any anime actors or actress you what to meet?
At the moment I m playing One piece Soundtrack, it is not long now, to the one piece, I m getting all Hyped up for it now

Jan 26, 15 at 2:09pm

Have you meet any anime actors? I meet the top one of my list Travis Willingham, he is nice guy, tall too. I love his voice in FMA, and he did an better job in FMA Brotherhood.
I would like to meet Johnny Yough Boohs, I saw him in the expo, but I don't meet up:( the line was sooo long. I meet other too, signed games and dvd covers

Jan 26, 15 at 12:20pm

hello :D thank you for the friend request ^^

mididii @mididii left a comment for etherealforest
Jan 25, 15 at 2:09pm

Oh, you really thougth that through ^-^

phew.. really noone knows that anime? it's yazakura quartet ^-^ nanami ao, her name c;

mididii @mididii left a comment for etherealforest
Jan 25, 15 at 1:57pm

Hellu, and thanks for adding me ^-^

Jan 24, 15 at 3:28am

Hello, thanks for adding me :)
oh I forgot to add Fullmrtal Alchemist brotherhood to the list but that don't count now. does it?