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42 year old Male
Last online about 2 years ago
Kings Lynn, United Kingdom
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Sep 19, 21 at 12:41pm
Tadaima, I have returned. Gonna try using this site a bit more.
Feb 22, 15 at 9:39am
well my regular job is i work at a supermarket. my "other" job is i work for a pro wrestling promotion in the uk called Falling Starr Wrestling. i'm the tech guy that works backstage and does all the music and entrances. or as the other guys call me "the monkey's in the back" but i'm also training to wrestler in the Falling Starr Wrestling Academy
darkflame @darkflamehaze left a comment for elgood81
Feb 21, 15 at 2:05pm
what kinda job do you have? i mean showtime ? ^^ yeah just chilling here trying to watch anime called Tetsuwan Birdy Decode is really good so far still got 2 season's to go after i finish this one :) https://31.media.tumblr.com/aac06d733c666a8ef0ef65ef01b6fae7/tumblr_inline_ndcman7aUa1sv2c3v.gif
Nakimushi - Tokyo Wonder https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=in-64GHF1YQ Cos Tokyo Revengers ended on such a cliffhanger
Sep 19, 21 at 1:41pm
I'm pretty sure I don't need to give my name at this point, but I'm Neptune the main character of this Introduction.....Wait, hold on........This is my Introduction!!! I'm Elgood81 Aka john. I'm 40 years old and from Kings lynn in Norfolk in the UK I'm absolutely obsessed with the Neptunia Franchise, the games and the anime particularly (Neps my waifu for laifu) My other fave animes are JoJo's Bizarre Adventure(My friend Alex got me into it), One Piece (again a friend got me into it and I binge watched all the episodes. took me just over a year to do it) Fairy Tail, Full Metal Panic, Ghost in the Shell and all of the Dragonball series (except for GT, I don't much like that one) I like to game when I have the chance and when I'm not playing a Neptunia game I like MMO's and Final Fantasy games (I'm working my way through Akiba's Trip : Undead and Undressed at the moment) When I'm not watching anime or gaming I'm watching professional wrestling, As I used to be a pro wrestler. I did it for 8 years with a promotion called Falling Starr Wrestling that's based out of Kings Lynn, Norfolk. My in ring name was "The Love Machine" Jonny Oh. I loved this gimmick but at the same time I hated it because it's really embarrassing. And that's me in a nutshell. Anything else you want to know about me just ask.