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Last online about 1 year ago
I've been watching anime for a while now, and hope to find someone to share my interests and time with, whether it be friend or more I don't mind, just hoping to find some cool people, but I think you're already pretty cool, so stay cool!

Also I like video games too, I'm into almost everything, from platformers like A Hat in Time and Banjo Kazooie, to RPGs/JRPGs like Skyrim and Persona, all the way to visual novels, like Steins;Gate and Danganronpa, and heck, even puzzle games, like the Zero Escape Series or Phoenix Wright.

I feel like I like almost every genre in some aspects, and I'd be down to talk about anything I have or haven't played/watched, since my horizons can be expanded and I could discover new games/anime I would enjoy.

Hope you're having/have a wonderful day and thank you for taking your time to read my bio!