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26 year old Female
Last online 4 months ago
Harker Heights, TX
I’m from a small town called Gulfport, Mississippi which I lived in for about 16 years. I love it there. It just feels more like home than anywhere else. I spent my childhood exploring the woods of my backyard with my best friends. I’m the type of person at has few friends, but the ones I do have are my best (quality over quantity). I came to Texas as a sophomore. Moving here gave me move opportunities in the college department. I graduated, about a year ago, with an associate degree in Drafting & Design (Auto CAD) and another associate degree in Graphic Design. I’m currently working for the college part-time. Most of my extended family lives in Florida and I often go there to visit them. I’m cursed with having a babyface, but an old soul. I'm a quiet girl who won't speak unless spoken to...that is until I've gotten used to you. I have been told by my family that I have a loudmouth, but I just speak loudly when I'm excited. When I don’t have to be all adult-like, I’m usually watching Disney movies or anime or reading manga and webtoons. I guess you could say...I work hard and play super comfy on the couch with some coffee while I watch movies. Favorite genres are comedy, mystery, adventure, and romance. That’s all I can think of for right now. Thanks for reading.