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32 year old Male
Last online about 8 years ago
I'm a well-balanced nerd, having interests in video games, anime, manga, comics, old cartoons, and literature. I have an unhealthy obsession with Mega Man, who I recently cosplayed as and who also happens to form the center of my favorite fiction. While I'm a full-time state employee, my goal is to become a published author. I'm able to write just about any genre, but most of my work leans more towards fantasy. A good bit also contain elements of the bizarre, much like the work of my favorite author, Edgar Allan Poe.

When it comes to anime, I like a variety. If I had to list my preferences, I believe Shonen would be the most common genre, but I'm also a big fan of mecha and like a sprinkling of Seinen. Code Geass would probably be my overall favorite. The two cons I plan on attending are Zenkaikon, which I visited for the first time this year and Otakon, which I've been going to for about ten years.

I've never used a dating site before and came here mostly out of curiosity. I'm looking for friends to talk about my hobbies with and possibly meet up and cosplay with at cons (the plan for next year is Mega Man 3), but would not be opposed to starting a relationship, long distance or otherwise.
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