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27 year old Female
Last online 4 months ago
Humble, TX
hi all! I've been here a little while but I dont talk to much :) People call me Dee! I'm an INFJ so sometimes I take some time to get comfortable with people......honestly I've found that my best way to use this site is to see what everyone is doing and slowly reach out to people. Its been hard for me to ttalk to people so if I don't respond to a message, gomen! :(

I am into gaming and anime. XD I like pretty much a lot of games been playing Maple Story 2 lately so thats been a lot of fun. I play a lot of indie games, I actually don't like pvp that much, I do play some HOTS, especially Lili and other healers, and some other Blizzard games from time to time, but I'm not very good at them Q_Q. But, I've played a lot of games, so just ask!

Anime-wise, I LOVE shoujo, Toradora and Skip Beat ftw. I also really like shounen like HunterHunter and BNHA. And One Punch Man! ONE PAWNCHH!!! xD Love that part of the OP. I'm also open to anime and gaming recommendations so if you know something you think is cool shoot it my way

I'm finding myself overwhelmed with communication on this site! If I dont get back to you, dont be offended. :)