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Last online 8 months ago
Currently working out of state and planning to move back within a couple years. Also into Star Wars and Warhammer 40k although I'm receptive to most things. But those are two huge universes to set things in.

Other hobbies are firearms (mostly history and mechanics) and exercising when I have the time from work, or holing up for the night watching anime/playing games. Some small collecting, like cheap figures or patches, or manga that I really like. I also sometimes write although not much. Feel free to message or whatever, even just to talk.

Really into Touhou, it's a huge universe that you can play around in and the fan base takes full advantage of it. But other favorites include FMA:B, PMMM, Sunabozu/Desert Punk, Konosuba, Girls und Panzer, and Monogatari.