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Last online about 1 month ago
Beach Lake, PA
Hey all, how's it going?

So I guess you wanna know a bit about me.

Personality wise, I'm a mixed bag. At first I seem shy but that's me figuring out the other person I'm talking to.

After I more or less have that figured out I open up a bit.

How I act usually reflects my mood(Lazy, talkative, etc.)

Overall I'm a nice, mellow guy with a random sense of humor whom can get along with just about anyone.

My hobbies include playing video games(mostly shooters, strategy and the occasional RPG types), watching a vast genera of anime, writing fanfics(The kinds that DON'T revolve around ships)VA work and covering songs(Mostly Vocaloid. Yes, I am one of those Youtaite ppl if you know what that is.)

Anything else in particular you wish to know, feel free to ask ;)