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Last online over 6 years ago
Hey! I'm Charles. I know my way around a DC and Marvel conversation, can soft shoe on Star Wars talk, and dance a jig through the Doctor Whoniverse chats, and can tap to the tune of a casual video gamer. I also desperately need dance lessons but will do it for money, at bar mitzvahs, and unashamedly with total abandon.

I can be serious. I just love a bit of silly. I like to watch movies and like to chat movies. I prefer to spend time at home or friend's house watching movies, chatting, eating, chatting, eating, and regretting the eating then eating some more just to spite that regret. Sometimes I do like to go out and drink and/or karaoke with the best of them. After wobblying a few drinks I can croon like no one's business. I also like going to theaters (movie or plays). What else to write... Hm. I'm a little bit of a romantic and like holding hands and hugging. And I guess like anyone else, I'm just trying to figure life out and stuff, taking in what makes me happy and learning new things.