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Last online about 2 hours ago
PSA: I don't think MaiOtaku has a status feature or at least I'm unaware of it, but I usually keep a MO tab open because I'm lazy and this cause people to talk to me and I don't reply. I'm not ignoring you, I'm sorry ><

I'm bad at describing myself but I left this short crappy profile info for long enough so I will try.

Why am I doing on this site? I like to be somewhere to interact, relate and discuss with other otakus. Am I looking to make friends? Not especially, but making friends is always cool ^-^

Am I looking for love here? Yes and no. I am used to being alone by now, I like living for myself and developing as a person rather than actively or desperately seeking for partnership. I believe I will find someone somewhere, sometime, that will understand me, that I will understand, and that I can share my feelings and my life with. Being happy together.

What am I attracted to? I won't be making a long list of preferences and kinks here. I'm a sub, I don't know how to be dominant nor do I wish to be, both with a guy or a girl. I also love affection, I love caring, I love cuddles. Physical contact is really nice, sex is cool too but it's overrated and overplayed.

What do I like? I've watched anime and played video games since my childhood. I like asian culture in general. I like sci-fi and horror. I like reading. I like drawing and writing but I wish I did it more often, like, am I actually interested in those, or am I just too critical of myself when I do it and it prevents me from fully enjoying it? I also like to cosplay and make cosplay, and I wish I did more of my own cosplays because it feels so nice to make something yourself.

What genre do I like? None in particular. I've mentioned horror and sci-fi but I wouldn't say those are my favorites and that most of what I like fall into it. I like a lot of things. I can't answer simple questions like "what music do you like?"

Who am I? It's kind of complicated. Long story short, I always had a hard time fitting in, like, do what the others do to be accepted. But I found myself. I like cute stuff, I like being cute. I don't feel like I am something else than male but I do not fit the social expectations and traditional roles. I'm a failure if you need a manly man.

Politics? I hear all those terms like democrats, blue pill, red pill, left, right, center, spectrum, etc. all the time because they are nearly everywhere but I don't know what most of these even mean. I don't care, this is all so above my head. I understand why politics exist and are needed but it causes so much hate and conflict, it bring so much toxicity. People have agendas and try to make things change to be the way they like, even in entertainment. I wish there were more peace.

Something else I dunno? I love the feeling of adventure. That Jojo ending song where it's just the stardust crusaders traveling and there's a picture of them standing next to each other. Going through hardships together and crying when it's all over. Such a powerful feeling.