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Last online 4 months ago

Hello world, my name is Corey and I am a longstanding otaku branching out. 行きましょう! I suppose I should say that I am a self sufficient adult who can afford to keep his hobbies. As of this writing, I am just shy of A1 proficiency in Japanese via the Busuu app. Kanji is really an adventure. I play many JRPGs ranging from the SNES to the present where my favorites are the Trails series as well as the Shin Megami Tensei series. Secondary to RPGs, I also enjoy strategy, 4X, real time strategy, and rogue-likes. Outside of that, I spend more time reading light novels than manga.

My friends host an anime watching meet up every week but there are not really any dating prospects there that I would consider. I generally sample most new shows each season and my main watching criteria for any show is largely whether or not I have seen it before. I will keep it general for now but if we talk, we can really get into it.

Outside of my otaku hobbies, I (super casually) play golf, exercise, and attend social gatherings for other interests. As far as what I am looking for on MaiOtaku, I am curious what the dating prospects are like but I would also love to find someone else to learn and practice Japanese with.