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anada @anada left a comment for Clyzard
Feb 16, 20 at 6:17am
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Hello my love!! •kiss• ^_^ I see the crazy spammers haven't posted on u lately.
*SMOOCH!!!* heehee =^^=
As many have stated being on this site denotes that due to our interest in Anime/Manga we are seen as "odd" by the general public. having this stigmata upon them already some guys might not know how to handle interaction with the other sex in person as their only outlet would be online and as stated by anarque this site is not as "friendly" for constant interaction as the large networking sites. It is very harsh to say that every man on this site is a creeper, true there might be a few socially challenged individuals and those few will spoil it for the rest, it is up to the nice guys to prove our worth out there and for the ladies that decide to date from this site as from any other dating site; they will need to weight every man for their worth and use their better judgement to weed out the bad ones. Just as my Squirrel did ^.^ . End of Rant.
May 24, 11 at 9:23pm
I would say the ability to control matter, like morphing stuff to whatever you want it to be.
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