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Last online about 2 years ago
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Jun 03, 20 at 3:05pm
I wasn't really expecting to meet people right nearby. And I don't know if I can do aggressive or charming. I'm quite introverted so my sense of humor is in memes. I'll take that advice to heart though. Can't do much worse than rock bottom.
Well I'm kind of at a stand still so I'm gonna solicit some advice from strangers. At this point I'm stuck, I've tried dating apps and I've tried meeting people in person, and time after time I get ghosted or blocked. I don't think I'm that bad looking. Whenever talking to someone I try to carry the conversation forward, I don't talk about anything pervy unless invited to. I try to talk about common interests and if there are none then I try to talk about something that interests them. I have to assume that I'm falling short somewhere but I just don't know anymore. At this point the only advice I've gotten is to pick up a hobby where I can meet new people, but I'm a weeb and a geek to my core I don't know any hobbies that I can pick up that suit me. In the end I don't even have to find someone to date, just someone I can watch anime and joke around with.