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United Kingdom
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matsuokaito @matsuokaito left a comment for chocobbii
Feb 18, 16 at 3:26pm
Hey there! I'm new to the site and was checking out my list of matches; just wanted to say that the Tubbs line on your profile made me laugh. I was hooked on that game for a while. I'm kind of scared to go back to it in case it consumes me... You've got some cool shows in your watch list. I've been meaning to check out Terror in Resonance since I spied it up on Netflix. Seems like it's definitely worth checking out if you gave it a 10! I hope work calms down for you soon.
note: really really overhwhelmed with work right now and might not be on every day, nothing personal, please know this! I've barely even slept for several days so I need to recover. See you soon!
Little Pocket Monster @miguel2099 no problem take your time to relax and have time for yourself
Hola! Como estas?
sadjester @sadjester left a comment for chocobbii
Jan 27, 16 at 2:57am
That's cool ;0 I've watched season 2 but I still have to watch the Psycho Pass movie, I hope it's tolerable at least. From what is your profile picture from?
e_bon @e_bon left a comment for chocobbii
Jan 27, 16 at 12:03am
Hot water is essential. How are you going to survive?
Immy @immy left a comment for chocobbii
Jan 26, 16 at 1:12pm
Oh dear! How have you survived without the warmth of the hot water in this cold weather? I'm not too bad thanks, just full of a cold -.-
Danny @xshiroy left a comment for chocobbii
Jan 26, 16 at 11:04am
Awww why thank you <3 Glad you like it
I want to watch clannad at some point. Anime breaks me very easily. :( After watching it I may have to get new eyes implanted. lol we are totally different in taste. You like slice of life I like stuff that blows up. :)
Quickly popping on, but hectic today so might be inactive! Does anyone know if there's a way to make pictures, galleries, profile etc private? :o
Immy @immy left a comment for chocobbii
Jan 25, 16 at 3:52pm
How are you? =)