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United Kingdom
Erm, okay... lets see..... I like anime (well duh) and the colour blue. Randomness. Seriously though, I do love the colour blue, even my laptop is blue, everything I own is blue.... I really should dye my hair... Don't talk to me if you are just going to convince me that Naruto is shite, I already have enough friends trying to do that and they have been trying for several years, so your not about to convince me. Got it? Good. I'm not 18 yet, but will be in about a month, so yea. Not sure why I just said that but oh well. I love any sad animes/mangas so if you have any, throw em at me! But not Clannad, I've already watched that... and read it... and played it. So yea. Why do I keep saying 'Yea'? :/ Oh, and I'm part of a visual novel group called 'Kofuku Studios' so go ahead I like us on facebook. (http://www.facebook.com/KofukuStudios?fref=ts)

I also really like games, mostly RPG, and my fav game is Xenoblade Chronicles, it's just so awesome! But I like most games. Apart from shooting games, not fond of them :(

I think that's it... Laters