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I like distasteful memes and have a horrible sense of humor *pretty sure having that as the opening line speaks volumes about my personality :v
Jokes apart, I'm obviously a weeb. And like most of my fellow weebs [EHMAHGERD! THE THOT... SHE GENERALIZES], I'm a total sucker for all things cute. Especially LEGAL lolis and traps. In case you're wondering, Hideri is my waifu and all the others are trash :3

Send me memes & pixel art, OR Ask me about,
 000 my npc personality (don't)
 001 my slice of life recommendations
 010 my love for The Strokes
 011 my BL agenda(Not fujoshi, just 100% fujo-shit)
 100 why I'm acting like a retard using binary

Wisdom for the week/weak #X22,
याल्ल वाइट अएस निगगस बी डंब... mostly.

Thanks for visiting.

... . -. -.. .... . .- -.. .--. .- - ...

I dont generally start conversations, so if you wanna talk feel free to DM me!
I might take a while[read: months (>=2)] to reply at times.
Add me on discord(?)