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::About me::

Zodiac: Virgo
Hogwarts House: Ravenclaw
Languages: English, weeb, a bit of spanish, and a dash of korean (from dramas lol)
Favorite Colors: Blue or green
Love romance anime, but I watch others too. Would like someone who also watches romance anime.
I am mixed (black, white, and hispanic originating panama)
Against Trump.
I like philosophical conversations just for the fun of them even if they make no sense.
I like laughing and making people laugh.
I'm extremely socially awkward honestly lol, but I do my best!
I've never dated a girl and I've barely even dated, but I would date any gender.
I'm 22, but smol. 4'11.
I'm a cat person, but I like dogs sometimes.
Idk if I'm serious or not serious. I guess it depends who I meet.
Don't want kids. Love babysitting kids. Never want my own though.
I've been watching anime since 3yrs old. Romance anime since about 12 yes old.
Horimiya was a bit relatable.
In comm. college for animation and graphic design, though taking a break from college while the corona stuff is still around.
Agnostic, but raised Jewish.
Outside of anime, I really love cartoons as well.

I don't mind distance considering I'm not sure how serious I'm gonna take this stuff yet. Wouldn't hate a friend though :)