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Scarbourough, United Kingdom
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Nov 05, 23 at 2:49pm
I love an anti-hero, so I love giorno too. Honestly I love all the jojos too. I'm more of a villains guy though, so for me my Jojo's guy of choice is Kira
Nov 05, 23 at 2:44pm
yikes but i love all the jojos and it's sooo hard to decide. although part 2 wasn't rlly my fave, joseph literally made me cry tears of joy i loooved that kinda humor so i somehow ended up crowning him best boy. giorno's really catching up since i watched part 5 tho so idek anymore
Nov 05, 23 at 2:14pm
Why would I want to disagree, you're correct
Nov 05, 23 at 5:56am
btw joseph is the best jojo, nobody can convince me otherwise. the amount of tears i shed while laughing bc of that man uff
Oct 09, 23 at 8:27am
Hmmmm. It's changed a few times. Some up there are Hero Aca. Vinland Saga, Tokyo Revengers, A Place Further than the Universe, Asobi Asobase
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