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English teacher and amateur writer of fiction.

I've been an otaku all my life! I grew up watching anime in the 80s and I still watch today!

I'm also into video games, tabletop RPGs, literature, movies and comic books.

I like to cosplay from time to time and I often go to Anime Parties and Conventions in Thessaloniki. You can see some of my cosplay pictures on this site.

As for dating, I've always been into Age Gap relationships. My last girlfriend was 15 years younger than me and we stayed together for 5 1/2 years. Our relationship was a DDlg one.

All my friends and girlfriends have always been younger than me mainly because I look much younger and we share common interests. ^_^ I seem to attract much younger girls in general, no matter what I do. :-P

More specifically, I'd like to meet girls in the wider Serres or Thessaloniki area. I don't mind meeting foreigners, provided that there's potential between us to travel and meet in person.

My tastes in women include other fellow otakus and cosplayers, goths, lolitas, girls with piercings/tattoos, female bodybuilders, catgirls, maids, bisexual girls and submissive girls. I'm also polyamorous and quite the pervert. ;-) I'm into DDlg and I'd certainly appreciate a young "daughter". It goes without saying that you MUST be into age gap relationships too.

Other than that, I enjoy walks in nature, traveling when I can afford it, watching anime while cuddling with my significant other, deep discussions while drinking hot chocolate in the winter, and having fun and living life in general.

I'm always willing to hang out, so don't hesitate to contact me! I enjoy making new friends and talk about weeb shit! xD

Nya? ^_^