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Last online over 6 years ago
3-2-1 Let's jam!

Konichiwa, my fellow Otaku. Cowboy Bebop was my gateway drug and since then in 2012 I've been a lost cause. I'll watch anything once but I tend to stick to creators *cough* Hideaki Anno *cough* or studios/distribution companies. I don't watch too much new anime but odds are I've heard of the title if I haven't seen it. For the most part I watch OVAs from the 80s/90s.

I have a mild interest in animation and have been drawing for a couple years now. I'm obsessed with film and music. One day I'd like to learn the piano. Let's hit it off everybody, Later Days! (Am currently in the middle of Robotics;Notes) You should watch it K Thx Bai.
Aug 19-21