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25 year old Male
Last online almost 2 years ago
San Jose, CA
Things you should know:
-I'm fat.
-I'm nearly 300lbs.
-I'm 6'2-ish.
-I'm chubby.
-I also forgot to say, I'm fat.

But if you're looking way past that, hello. ^__^

My personality is, strange, I don't want to go in depth mainly because, well, it's strange. I'm not very approachable if you're just looking at me but I assure you I will speak to you and talk to your hearts desire. C:

Things I'm into:
- PC Gaming. (Steam etc)
- Anime.
- Watching youtube videos.
- Hentai.
- Sleeping.
- My job.
- Hentai.
- Reading hentai.
- (If you haven't left yet you're pretty cool.)
- Watching Twitch streams.
- Drawing. (Sometimes.)
- thinking about how life would be like if it was anime.
- Day dreaming. (Basically the last one above.)
- My phone.
- Did I mention hentai?

I've only been to one convention and that is Fanime.
I /sorta/ cosplay. Not exclusively though.

Thanks for passing by! t(◕ᗜ◕t)
May 25-28
May 23-26