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30 year old Male
Last online about 1 year ago
brandon, FL
Suuuuuuup world hmm about me uhhhhh? Call me jc i love games, cartoons and anime

Games: Favorite thing to do, I play ps3 waiting on Kingdom Hearts 2.5 and 3, Naruto storm revo, i Also make gameplays and upload them to Youtube check me out im Purty Gewd


Music: Rap, Metal, Screamo, Forground eclipse, Hip Hop

TV: Old cartoonnetwork cartoon fridays haha, and Netflix

Misc: Well DBZ is the greatest thing of all time ever period of the world lol, Hardcore gamer, iBurn, Dont have many friends that watch anime so im trying to increase that number, I usually watch action fighting animes. any 90's anime is good classics rock. I like debating over witch anime characters are stronger