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32 year old Female
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joramwl03 @joramwl03 left a comment for Aquila90
Aug 03, 10 at 12:43am
Hello. I'm from West Liberty and I'm looking for friends to hang out with.
hi. what kind of anime do you like?
Sephiroth @lordsephiroth left a comment for Aquila90
Jul 28, 09 at 4:36pm
Welcome to MaiOtaku! It's good to see you've already found some friends. I am Sephiroth, interim manager of Shin-Ra research and development in charge of MaiOtaku. I am taking any comments, thoughts, or suggestions you have, feel free to leave them on my profile.
Shayne @geibel left a comment for Aquila90
Jul 27, 09 at 6:52am
I'm a new member and I want to see everybody here happy so I offering anyone and everyone advice they need as much and as often as you would like. Get to know me peronally or don't, but if you need help and dont know who to turn to, you can ask me anything!
winterdrift @winterdrift left a comment for Aquila90
Jul 25, 09 at 4:07am
hello how r u i c that ur new ^_^