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Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (Saikano)
Saishuu Heiki Kanojo (Saikano) [TV] apedosmil gave it a 10.
Chesi and Shuuji is an awkward high school couple trying to make their relationship work. One day, while Shuuji was out with his friends shopping at Sapporo, unknown air bombers suddenly attack their city, followed by mass confusion and chaos.
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Saikano [TV] apedosmil gave it a 10.
"Shuji and Chise are two Hokkaido high school students barely starting a relationship with each other. Then, with no warning, a squadron of bombers from an unknown country destroy the city of Sapporo.
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Kemonozume [TV] apedosmil gave it a 10.
In a world where creatures called "Flesh Eaters" survive by eating human beings, an organization of martial artists, that has been around for many years, have devoted their lives to killing any and all Flesh Eaters. The son of the leader of this organization falls in love with a Flesh Eater.
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Monster [TV] apedosmil gave it a 10.
The series follows Dr. Kenzo Tenma as he pursues a young psychopath/sociopath named Johan, whose life Tenma had once saved.
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