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Last online 6 months ago
Looking for anime and video game friends. I love fanfiction and RP. I’m a furry and a female brony. I’m pan sexual and pan romantic. I’m lonely and always looking for friends and people to talk to and play games/watch anime with.

My name is Dawn, im 25, i love reading and writing, anime games and music. i love finding new people to watch with and play games with. i love to vc and i hate being alone. i can be insensitive at times but im working on it bit by bit. i want to better myself for myself and others so i can make lasting friendships. i love to play stardew valley, animal crossing, harvest moon, diablo, minecraft, tomb raider, mario cart, smash bros and more my live dreams/goals are move japan, childcare, game design, writing, anime creation, script writing, have bunch kids, make everyone happy..