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46 year old Male
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Ochibi @ochibi left a comment for animecollecter
Sep 03, 13 at 2:10pm
It was a bit confusing for me as well, but play around with it and it'll come to you :)
I really want to meet someone with an interesting personality. I don't judge women by appearance. I judge by personality and what's on the inside. It doesn't matter how pretty some one is if they can't connect with me on some other level. I am out-going and willing to try new things. I find myself to be very open-minded and I would love to meet someone who can show me something new. I want to meet someone who I can keep up a conversation with. I am looking for a long term relationship, but I don't mind starting off slow and seeing where it goes. I am of the opinion that I can't say I like someone until I get to know them. Sometimes opposites attract and sometimes someone just like you fits, but there is also everything in between. Being confident enough to message me is just the first step. So let's play it by year, and I look forward to hearing from you. I will respond to all messages.
I came on this conversation really late. Allot has been said. Are there noble guys in this world? Yes. Are they hard to find? No. First off dragonlover43 you are 17 and guy at that age, that are noble are far and few. So the odds of you running into one anytime soon in not likely. Noble guy do get put into the friend zone allot. It is not one trait that makes the man. An average guy that in noble will have a hard time. Most girls want this guy as a friend not a lover. When A girl say she want a noble guy, weather she know it or not she is looking for the total package. Average guy that are dutch bag do better then the average guy that is a noble guy, because women fail to notice the noble guy but always see the dutch bag. Noble guys are all around. All you need to do just look. If you actually see them, then you need to decided if that what you really want.