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34 year old Female
Last online about 5 years ago
North Richland Hills, TX
I have been into anime when I was introduced to Anime by my friends in middle school. I never knew that I had already watched two, Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z. I grew to love this type of storytelling. I draw in a manga style and want to make manga in my free time. I have loved to cosplay and looking to go back in.

I am PLUS SIZE, Strong, and tall girl. I LOVE cute chibi things and figures I love many types of anime and willing to give an anime the 5 episode try. I love asian food, and want to cook it hard core and have a practically asian home. I want to learn Japanese but I can never seem to get it, outside of certain words and phrases.

I'm looking for someone who shares my likes and is willing to take my bad times which are few. I would like long time friends that I can enjoy cons with and watch anime with, hell even play video games with.

I am looking for anyone that is around my age to hang out with and enjoy our collective geekdom, but for love I would prefer a guy that is nice and does enjoy watching anime and playing video games with me. I would like him to be not too much younger then me but not too old. I don't care if he has different taste in anime as long as we share some.

I'm on here because I am away from my friends that I have known from school are moved away or married with kids. I hope to be able to find friends or even a man to be happy and nerdy with for the rest of my days.
Jun 5-7
Staff. Sep 4-7