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Last online 17 days ago
Raccoon City, CA
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Jul 18, 20 at 6:06am

I see you like Utena as well!!

Jun 25, 20 at 9:53pm

Awesome someone who likes Big O!

vintrixs @vintrixs left a comment for Ditzy-chan
May 31, 20 at 1:44am

Hi what anime would you recommend?

catgirlenthusiast @catgirlenthusiast left a comment for Ditzy-chan
catgirlenthusiast @catgirlenthusiast
May 02, 20 at 11:55pm

No thoughts, head empty.

Feb 12, 20 at 1:53pm

Hmm can other people see this post? Not sure how this works. Second day on this site. What I liked about Black Butler? Well I thought it was a lot of homoerotic undertones but that’s kind of different. The cast of characters are very likeable and the storyline is good. I felt like they kinda jump the shark at the end but I’ve yet to see an anime that I didn’t have something to gripe about. But enough about me how are you Ditzy-Chan?

Neverland @dakoya left a comment for Ditzy-chan
Jan 03, 20 at 8:14pm

Wow, it's been a year since I last communicated w/ you. Here's to another letter in an empty bottle.

P.S. If this message reaches... there are no zombies here.

jamsam @jamsam left a comment for Ditzy-chan
Dec 21, 19 at 6:01pm

Convince me on why I should watch Black Butler. It's been on my plan to watch since forever. What aspect of the show would you use to sell it?

Dec 15, 19 at 1:31am

Thanks for the add hope the Zombie issue in Raccoon city is better.

ghiblitime @ghiblitime left a comment for Ditzy-chan
Nov 04, 19 at 4:39am

How Ditzy-chan! Hows raccoon city treating you? The residents there arent too evil there i hope! :)


Hi my friend. Long time no see.