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Last online over 2 years ago
I'm a super fan girl otuka I'm 5'9 watched almost every old anime and all the new anime that comes out. I live kdrama jdrama thai drama etc. It would be great to have a asain friend . Lol wait I have one. I'm looking for friends around my age. Not really looking for a boyfriend (trust issues etc) looking for a best friend though

I love reading books and Mangas. I draw ,play guitar and piano and online/offline video games.

Real Name .? (Call me Rei)
Nickname: hmmmm you decide
Zodiac Sign: Libra
male or female: Female
high school: crystal high (hehe)
Birthplace:er...... lets not get into that
Current Location: rika's appartment
Eye Color:Brown
Hair Color:Black
Height ?.?(5'9)
do you have a crush: no
What's your Dream Job?: sigh
Who is your best friend?: no.


food: pizza (lol all food )
drink: ginger ale/root beer
bottoms: o.o
flower: blue rose or any flower
animal: cats
color: Midnight and sapphire
movie: Don't have one
subject: reading,science,history

(Put An x In The Bracket If)
[]in love with someone
[x]celebrated halloween
[x]had your heart broken (many times)
[x]went over the minutes/texts on your cell phone (still do )
[Xk]had someone question your sexual orientation
[]got pregnant
[]had an abortion
[]did something i regret
[]broke a promise(no my word is my bond)^^
[x]hid a secret (for the one I love most)
[x]pretended to be happy (always)
[x]met someone who changed your life
[]pretended to be sick
[]left the country
[x]tried something you normally wouldn't and liked it
[]cried over the silliest thing
[x]ran a mile
[X]went to the beach
[]got into an arguement with your best friends
[]hated someone
[x]stayed single for 2 years and still is hehe

List 3 Things You Would Change About Yourself:
make it up as i go alone

Which Is Better In The Opposite Sex:
lips or eyes: eyes
shorter or taller: taller
romantic or spontaneous: both ^^
nice stomach or nice arms: ya know hmmm either or niether
hook-up or relationship: relationship
looks or personality: personality

Have You Ever:
snuck out of the house: yes
held a gun/knife for self defense: always ><
broken someone's heart: I think so (oh well)
been in love: yes
cried when someone died: nope

Do You Believe In:
yourself: idk any more
miracles: maybe...
love at first sight: no
heaven: wait let .....uh duh
santa clause: yes
kiss on the first date: no

is there one person you want to be with right now:no
do you know who your real friends are: nope and who need em
do you like yourself: of course
do you know who you are: not fully
have you ever been in love:yes
are you single: yes
do you like your life: yeah
are you happy with yourself: yeah
do you believe in god: ~.~
do you believe in karma:moo

Give back my honey buddha chips and Dr.Phd!!

These are some of the things I like there are to many so I won't put them all :

Sherlock Holmes,
Pirates of the Caribbean,
The Matrix,Tenken,Inception,The Mummy,Spirited Away,The Lord of the Rings Trilogy (Official Page),X-Men Movies,Moral Kombat,The Hangover,The Hangover 2,The Lion King,Underworld,The Avengers Movie,Pricess Mononoke,Ghost Rider,The Hunger Games,
Really love marvel movies as well or anything supernatural,magic, action, or thriller

Moonlight,Fooly Cooly,Naruto,Misfits,Case Closed,House,Saiyuki,The Vampire Diaries,Merlin – Official,NCIS,CSI: NY,
Bones, DBZ, Sailor moon,
Supernatural,South Park,Bleach,Prison Break,Lost,The X Factor,Family Guy,The Mentalist,Smallville,Sherlock,Cold Case,Law & Order: Special Victims Unit,Fullmetal Alchemist the Movie: Conqueror of Shamballa,Fullmetal Alchemist, Black lightning, i love asain drama like your beautiful, or bromance or to the beautiful you, nightmare-chan. and anything anime^^, The flash,

Bob Marley
Michael Jackson
Bruno Mars
Maroon 5,
 any anime music,
Kid Cudi
Owl City
,System of a Down,

Jason Derulo
Green Day,

Black Eyed Peas
Foo Fighters

Guns N' Roses,

Katy Perry
Lil Wayne
,Linkin Park,

Kings Of Leon,

,Red Hot Chili Peppers,

Rage Against the Machine
,Trey Songz
Fort Minor
Taio Cruz
,Justin Timberlake
Carrie Underwood
, love kpop or jpop, highly suspect

Also really love Mystic messenger