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24 year old Male
Last online 5 months ago
London, United Kingdom
Student moving to the UK (London) for two years to get my bachelor's degree in music production and music engineering.

Favourite anime is Soul Eater
I love to cuddle and spending a day inside just watching anime with someone I care about is the best day for me.

I used to work at a Daycare for 6 years so i absolutely love kids and have the patience of [insert super patient thing here]

My friends would call me a good listener and funny. If you're down i try to make you feel better any way i can.

Love Anime make me cry (Clannad whyyy?!)
Can be super emotional but usually keep it to myself.

I don't get mad easily so there's that. uhhhhh what else?

I guess you can ask if i've peaked your interest :)