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~tea oppa~

24 year old Male
Last online 6 months ago
With brass , AZ
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Teach me your ways @_@ https://i.ytimg.com/vi/paYBvZMfUO8/maxresdefault.jpg
Jan 29, 17 at 6:06pm
haha well i honestly wasn't expecting any compliments so thanks guys! c:
Jan 28, 17 at 4:41am
This account has been suspended.
Jan 28, 17 at 3:36am
i knew it!. call it instinct lol. too cute to be a natural born dude. girls just have that glow in there face, what can i say. But all power to ya! if thats who or what your meant to be'. cant change the soul Haha.
Jan 28, 17 at 12:12am
@Travisemo007 haha thanks man and its cool since technically i was a chick
Jan 27, 17 at 11:28pm
i agree, if i was attracted to males, Bro, id ask you out man ;) but im not soo sorry in advance. But you are indeed cute! if it didnt say male, id think you were a girl as well. also intended as a compliment.
Jan 27, 17 at 9:53pm
@naeri omg i actually really liked her in that show and she's pretty cute so i'll take that as a compliment haha
n a e r i @naeri commented on
Jan 27, 17 at 9:29pm
like the hair and everything lmao you guys could be brother and sister XD
n a e r i @naeri commented on
Jan 27, 17 at 9:28pm
ah i know you arent a girl but this is meant to be a compliment- you really look like ha jiwon from secret garden here ^_^