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School Rumble [TV]

School rumble
School Rumble
School Rumble
Plot Summary

School Rumble is a romantic comedy revolving around the daily lives of the students of Class 2-C at the fictional Yagami High School, as well as their friends and families. The main female protagonist is Tenma Tsukamoto, an unremarkable second-year high school student who secretly admires her eccentric, enigmatic, nice-guy classmate, Oji Karasuma. Tenma struggles to confess her feelings to Oji. He remains oblivious to her interest, instead seeking fulfilment by indulging in curry. The main male protagonist, delinquent Kenji Harima, desires Tenma to the point that he attends school solely to be near her. Like Tenma, Harima has difficulty declaring his love, and whenever he summons the courage to do so, circumstances conspire against him. This inability on the part of the main characters to express their affections provides a comedic theme throughout the series.

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