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Fairy Cube [Manga]

Fairy Cube
Plot Summary
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The series focuses on Ian Hasumi, a timid boy who sees fairies which are invisible to normal people and who is stalked by a vengeful spirit named Tokage. His mother left before the start of the series and as a result, Ian’s father burns off the wing marks on Ian’s back to prevent him from doing the same. Rin, Ian’s abused childhood friend and secret “crush”, returns to the city where he lives. Later, Ian accidentally stumbles onto the scene of a murder; after seeing a man named Kaito retrieve a cube from the victim’s body, he follows Kaito back to his antique shop, where Kaito gives him Tokage’s fairy cube—the contained spirit of a fairy. However, as a result of being manipulated by Tokage, Ian’s father kills him. Tokage then possesses Ian’s body and takes over his life, including romancing Rin. As a spirit, Ian goes back to Kaito’s shop and after a trip through the Otherworld with a small but vicious fairy named Ainsel, is given the replacement body of a young boy. Ainsel agrees to aid him in his quest to regain his body.
Encountering Tokage again, Ian learns that Tokage grew up in the Otherworld loved but when his village tried to sacrifice him to their god, he slaughtered them and the god escaped. Ian also discovers that Gotoh company, a multi-millionaire land development company run by a cross-dressing girl named Shira, plans to take over the world for the fairies under the “Elysium Project”.
Meanwhile, Gotoh takes Rin hostage in an attempt to lure Ian back to them. Under the pretense of a beauty contest, the company plans to harvest the energy of the fairy cubes and bystanders to open a door to the Otherworld. Ian rescues Rin and the escaped god is revealed to be inhabiting the body of Shira’s father. Ian and Tokage are forced out of the bodies that they are possessing; Ainsel, revealed to be the key to the door, merges with Ian and Ian’s host body accepts Tokage. Having been held captive by Gotoh for most of the series, his mother appears and before dying, re

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