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Revolutionary Girl Utena [TV]

Revolutionary Girl Utena
Plot Summary

After being fascinated by a prince she met during her childhood, young Utena decides to be one herself. The prince left him a strange rose crest, promising that someday they would meet again.

She later discovers that the rose crest belongs to Ohtori Academy, where duelists with the same crest as hers compete for the Rose Bride. Eager to prove herself a true noble prince, Utena vows to protect the mysterious Rose Bride Anthy Himemiya from those who seek to abuse and use her powers for evil.

About the Show

Revolutionary Girl Utena is a fantasy, yuri, romance anime television series written by Youji Enokido and directed by Kunihiko Ikuhara. Produced by J.C. Staff, the series aired a total of 39 episodes between April 2, 1997 and December 24, 1997. Its manga counterpart was created simultaneously with the anime series, but both progressed in different directions.


Utena Tenjou
Fascinated by a prince she met during her childhood, Utena decided to become one herself. Courageous, honorable, and a talented duelist, Utena possesses these qualities that win the hearts of many women in the academy. She has her attention for Anthy the most, who she thinks she has a duty to protect just like a true noble prince.

Anthy Himemiya
The Rose Bride. Mysterious and said to have no desires of her own, other people tend to abuse Anthy. Her shy, polite, and calm demeanor hide a dark and sinister past.

Akio Ohtori
Acting chairman of the Ohtori Academy, and main antagonist of the series. Akio is Anthy’s older brother, but he threats her in a sensual, incestuous, and power-driven manner, explaining Anthy’s unusual behavior. His desire to become Dios once again is the root of all the problems experienced by the duelists, specifically Utena and Anthy.

Touga Kiryuu
President of the Student Council, and directly works with Akio’s plans. He is handsome, intelligent, and talented, Touga does not spare any of his gifts and uses them all to their full po

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