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Your first Video Game you beaten?

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Super Mario 64 again :P

Aug 04, 17 at 11:31am

Killer Instinct on the SNES, followed closely by Top Gear.

Aug 04, 17 at 3:55pm

I think the first game I actually beat by myself was breath of fire on snes

Aug 04, 17 at 9:16pm

First game I ever beat was in kindergarten or first grade. Ham Ham Heartbreak for gameboy. Still have it and beaten it multiple times... it is my childhood. Lol

Sep 23, 17 at 7:51pm

The first game I ever beat was Super Mario 64. I think I was 6-7 when it happened. Lol after I beat it I started crying because I did not want the game to end. XD

Sep 24, 17 at 4:25am

Sonic 2 for me, Sanic along with other genesis stuff like streets of rage 2, altered beast, mortal kombat, etc were literally the first video games I've played in general.

Sep 24, 17 at 7:16pm
hikikomori111 commented on Your first Video Game you beaten?

I can't really remember clearly, though I guess Mario Kart 64, if you can count that?
If you're talking about a game with a specific main campaign, I really don't know...

Sep 27, 17 at 2:10am
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