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meisterman1985 left a comment for LSP

You're very welcome. I can't get enough of her after viewing it.

Nov 28, 17 at 6:54pm
meisterman1985 left a comment for LSP

10 Years


Nov 28, 17 at 8:22am
kameiya left a comment for LSP

I love soul eater! How it ended made it seem like there would be more. Dramacon is about a girl who went to her first anime con to try and sell her manga. She's a writer, but can't draw. Her partner is a drawer but not a writer. I can't tell you too much about the partner without spoiling the first manga book. She meets her favorite manga artist and a guy. She aND the guy bicker a lot, but not in a mean spirited way. She along the way found out about a small secret he isn't proud of during one of their talks. It is comedy and slice of life. Each manga happens a year later after the previous manga.

Nov 11, 17 at 9:21pm
kameiya left a comment for LSP

I'll keep that in mind. I think I saw two seasons of it. It's been a few years since I last saw it. The manga I'm reading isn't a new story. I'm reading the third manga of Dramacon. That one was a pain to search for since I was told it only consists of three Mangas. it's mostly comedy so I enjoy it a lot. That was the first manga I ever read. I came across the first two in august this year.

Nov 11, 17 at 2:56pm
kameiya left a comment for LSP

Hi lsp. No. I haven't. I only just started reading manga this summer. I'm more into the Anime then manga. You're right about the plot. The plot is what kept me watching. I wanted to know what was going on and the mystery behind these angels that kept coming to him. All THE Ecchi I Watch IS because of the plot.

Nov 11, 17 at 8:13am
mistrr_nicegurl left a comment for LSP

Thnx for accepting. :D

Oct 08, 17 at 8:25pm
kaizu™ left a comment for LSP

Welcome to MO!

Sep 25, 17 at 1:28am

Sep 24, 17 at 12:02pm
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